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Wildlife at Rasor Road & Afton Canyon
Rasor, Afton, Crucero, Soda Lake, Devil's Playground, Cronese, Mojave

   We all enjoy this beautiful part of the Mojave desert, but in many different ways. Rasor & Afton have visitors that enjoy off road (OHV) riding, jeep trails, rock-hounding, nature watching, riding the dunes, horse back riding, geocache hunting, flying, photographing, hiking, exploring, hunting, star gazing, and just plain old camping in the desert.

   I have put this section together to better inform us about how sensitive the desert can be. The desert is thought of by many to be a desolate place with nothing to see. I was amazed to find all of the wildlife that is out at Rasor Road & Afton Canyon,

   If you could study just one of these pages per night, let it sink in... then your next trip to the desert you might just look at something with a little better understanding on how important it is to the survival of our precious playground.

--Thank You for Caring

Afton Canyon - Nature Preserve

Known as the "Grand Canyon of the Mojave," Afton Canyon contains spectacular scenery. Not only does the canyon exhibit beautiful examples of wind and water erosion, but the colors in the side walls look as if someone poured various shades of red and green paint over them.....

Mojave Sidewinder Snake
The sidewinder is a type of rattlesnake that gets it's name because of the way it moves. Instead of slithering headfirst, in a rather outstretched .......
Saltcedar or Tamarisk Trees
Saltcedar can quickly become a monoculture along lakes and waterways. A single plant has been reported to transpire over 200 gallons of water per day. In the early morning and evening moisture with high salt content is exuded from the foliage, causing the soil to become saline ......

Desert Big Horn Sheep
Desert Bighorn do not require drinking water in winter when green vegetation is available. During the summer months they visit waterholes at least every 3 days. Bighorns have a complex 9-stage digestive process that allows them to maximize removal of nutrients from food of marginal quality.....


California Leaf-nosed Bat
The California Leaf-nosed Bat is the only bat in North America, north of Mexico, with large ears and leaf-like projection on the nose.  It roosts by day, usually fairly close to the entrance of a mine tunnel, in small groups of up to 100 bats, which do not touch each other..... 



White-eared Pocket Mouse
This endangered mouse is only found in two places in the USA. They are mainly in the Mojave desert region and in the San Bernardino and Tehachapi mountain regions.....


Western Desert Cottontail Rabbit
Females give birth in shallow ground nests, to young so helpless that perhaps only 15 percent survive their first year. Fortunately, rabbits breed three or four times every year and produce three to eight young each time.....

Spiders are carnivorous but are incapable of eating solid food and use venom and digestive juices to liquefy their prey, which they then suck up. Although all spider species possess fangs and venom, most are not dangerous to humans.....

Brown Recluse

The spiders inject what’s called a hemotoxin, The hemotoxin produces a blister that turns black and sloughs off within 24 hours leaving an ulcerous open wound that takes six to eight weeks to heal.....

Black Widow

Black widow spiders are nocturnal and, thus, are active at night.  Only the female black widow bites humans, and she bites only when disturbed, especially while protecting her eggs.

Mojave Fringe-toed Lizard

These unique lizards possess several specialized adaptations for living in fine windblown sand, including their namesake fringed toes, which increase traction and running speed. Sand dunes are relatively small and isolated ecosystems.....


Gila Monster

Gilas are lethargic creatures that feed primarily on eggs raided from nests and newborn mammals. They may spend more than 95 percent of their lives in underground burrows, emerging only to feed and occasionally to bask in the desert sun.....

Red Racer

A fast moving diurnal snake that is difficult to capture. Bites, excretes musk and twists body when handled. Large individuals should be handled with caution.....



Coyote's can run at speeds of up to 40 mph for short distances and can jump up to 12 feet. Coyotes, like dogs, use body language for communication, including the large, bushy tail. The tail becomes more bushy and the tail may be held straight out when the coyote is indicating aggression or fear.....






 Rasor Clean Up

First Rasor Road desert clean up.


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Rasor Road Mega-phone / the Mojave desert mystery

Desert grave of Delores Holland at Rasor Road, Near the old RR town of Crucero

Mystery jet fighter fuel tank found at Rasor Road

Old wells at Rasor Road

Soda Dry Lake off of Zzyzx Road at Rasor Road California Desert. The Mojave Road crosses though it.