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Rasor Road VIP Lounge

This private section is for people that want to get to know each other in the desert. You must sign up with a real name and real picture of yourself. Send us your photograph (must be able to see your face). After you send us the photo, then sign up with your user name and we will issue you an account.

NOTE: You must be a 'friend' or a 'friend of a friend'. This section is not for looky-loos. You must be an active member of our forum and must frequent Rasor Road. We reserve the right to cancel anyone that does not participate in the forum, stay up to date and join us on some Rasor Trips.


In the VIP section of this site, you will find the following:

  • Real pictures and names of our Rasor buddies - get to know each other

  • Occasional special notices and VIP parties at the Ranch

  • Become a VIP and be part of the elite team of Rasor Road'rs

  • Send your real photo and real name to us here / any fraud photos and you will be removed

NOTE: This area is for people that frequent Rasor Road. It is not for lookie-loos. This area is for people that would like to make friends with others that enjoy Rasor Road. You must show some active participation in the forum to be considered.