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Barstow California Water
Polluted and NOT DRINKABLE

Golden State prepares to flush out toxic
Barstow water

Three contaminated wells discovered

BARSTOW • Golden State Water Company has identified and shut down wells in Barstow that show elevated levels of a chemical used in rockets, fireworks, explosives and matches.

But it is still asking residents not to drink tap water until the system can be flushed and tested.

In the meantime, the bottled water will be distributed for 24 hours at Barstow Community College. Other distribution points include the Cora Harper Fitness Center, Golden State’s Barstow office and Diamond Pacific.Staff photo by Aaron Dome

Golden State Water Company has identified three wells out of the 20 in its Barstow system with perchlorate levels higher than state drinking standards of six parts per billion, said spokesman John Dewey at a press conference Saturday. Two of the three wells are not in service and the company shut off the well that was operational.

The company will be flushing the system to rid it of residual contaminants, Dewey said, but he couldn’t give a time frame as to how long that would take. Dewey said the water company hasn’t identified the source of the contamination yet. He also couldn’t give the exact locations of the three wells affected, but said one of them is close to the Marine Corp Logistics Base in Barstow.

Sampling at the Marine Corp Logistics Base’s Nebo Annex Thursday showed levels of perchlorate up to three times the normal amount, said public affairs officer Rob Jackson. Officials asked residents and employees at the base to refrain from drinking tap water.

The city declared a local emergency Friday night. Barstow plans to make 100,000 gallons of bottled water available to residents Saturday with 24-hour availability of water at the college, said City Manager Richard Rowe.

Initially, residents were given several different locations to pick up free clean water and hundreds gathered in  these locations around town. But due to logistic and security issues on Friday water distribution was ultimately consolidated initially at the college, Rowe said. No incidents were reported on Friday as residents gathered.

“The people of Barstow have demonstrated great understanding of an emergency that occurred naturally,” Rowe said.

San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt said the water contamination is also impacting residents in Lenwood, Barstow Heights and the Grandview areas. The chairman of the Board of Supervisors may declare a countywide emergency, he said.

Barstow residents ran out to buy bottled water Friday when the water contamination was made public, and several restaurants closed their doors because they were unable to serve drinks or cook with the water.

Dewey said business owners who want to seek reimbursement from the water company for money they lost should contact their insurance companies. Residents can obtain a claim form from Golden State’s Barstow office at 1521 East Main Street. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Perchlorate has been shown to interfere with the uptake of iodide by the thyroid gland and reduce the production of hormones needed for growth and development in fetuses, infants and children. In adults, thyroid hormones regulate metabolism and mental function.

According to Golden State Water Company, the water is safe for washing and other uses. It should not be consumed by humans or pets or used in food or for cooking.


Info and news alert provided by Desert Dispatch

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